10b Review of the year

The last podcast of our series is always the review of the year. However, we are in the middle of a global emergency – the Covid-19 pandemic. So we need to talk about it, as social workers. We think about principles, practice and anchors for this time. We also reflect a little about the year that has happened and talk about hopes for what lies ahead.

10a End of life

This is the final podcast of our journey through the life course. We look at end of life and bereavement. We talk about how social workers can emotionally and practically support people to prepare for end of life, to experience death, and to mourn and remember those who have gone. Our time, kindness and help can mean so much.

9b Technology

In this podcast we discuss another big issue – technology. We look at technological advances, and think about who technology is for and who has power over it. We consider how social workers can use technology ethically in their practice.

8b Populism

In this podcast we look at the big issue of populism – what it is and what makes it popular. Social work acts as a counter force to populism when it challenges power and upholds human rights. We discuss how social workers can overcome simplistic and fearful views of the world to build a more inclusive and equitable society.

8a Retirement

The next episode in our journey through the life-course is retirement. We consider the evidence around how people experience retirement and the social factors that affect this. We look at how social workers can promote good retirement for all and reduce structural barriers to equality.

7b Colonialism

In this podcast we discuss the big issue of colonialism – what it is, how it has impacted on people and its continued effects in social work. We consider how social workers can use anti-oppressive practice to understand their individual and structural relationships, and to work with people for liberation.

7a Middle age

The next episode in our journey through the life-course is middle age. We talk about important areas for social workers to consider including relationships, money and health. And we look at what underpins good practice in working with often complex situations and networks.

6a Young adulthood

We continue our journey through the life-course, looking at early adulthood. We consider how expectations and experiences around different elements of adulthood impact on people, including work, relationships and parenthood. And we consider the social work response in helping people navigate this time of life.

4b Anti-racism

In this podcast we consider the issue of racism from a social work point of view. We discuss the impact of racism, and how social workers can oppose it in practice. Social work ethics require us to respect the inherent worth and dignity of all people. We need to work collectively to challenge and overcome all forms of racism.

2b Poverty

In this podcast we discuss the causes and impacts of poverty. We consider social work’s role in overcoming poverty, through direct work and social action. And we look at how we can rethink the way we talk about poverty and wealth.

1a Social work pre-birth

Welcome to the first podcast for Series 4. In our ‘a’ podcasts this series we are looking at social work through the life-course, starting here with pre-birth. We acknowledge the difficulties of talking about this area of work, and look to how we can practise ethically and thoughtfully.