10b Review of the year

Our traditional end of series podcast is the review of the year. This review comes slightly later than usual so covers April 2021 to August 2022. We discuss some of the main events and themes, and consider the implications for social work.

9a Pregnancy and parenthood

In this podcast, we consider how social workers promote equality and challenge discrimination relating to pregnancy and parenthood. We look at why the Equality Act has a protected characteristic of pregnancy and maternity, and consider how social workers empower people during pregnancy and as new parents.

6a Equality – Sex

In this podcast, we consider how social workers can challenge discrimination on the grounds of sex. We consider the impact of sex on experiences and how this intersects with other aspects of identity. We explore the importance for everyone of calling out sexism and upholding rights.

Series 6 Introduction

Series 6 runs from 2020-21. Throughout this series we will look at equality and anti-oppressive practice. We will start off with revisiting the ethics and social work role around fighting oppression, and the theories that support this. Each month, we will look at evidence of inequality relating to a protected characteristic in the England Equality Act – for example age. We will consider how social workers can challenge discrimination and uphold rights. Throughout the year, we will also record podcasts about current issues that affect social work.