3a Compassion as the Core: Building Anti-Racist Communities

Welcome to ARM-OUR, the podcast from the Anti-Racist Movement (ARM).  In this episode, we continue to delve into our core values, with today’s focus being ‘Compassion as the Core’.  We explore how empathy and understanding are essential in the fight against racism and discuss how compassion shows up across the life span.  A key focus is on self-compassion, both inside and outside of social work.  Step into our world, and we’ll meet you there and lets embark on this journey of compassion and action together.

2a Rest and Connection: The Heartbeat of Social Work

In this episode, we delve into the heart of social work, focusing on the vital role of connection. We explore how taking the time to rest and rejuvenate can actually strengthen the bonds we build with those we work for and with.  We share practical strategies, powerful stories from the field, and discuss the intersection of rest, connection, and social justice.  Join us as we reflect on how rest not only nurtures us as individuals but also empowers us to forge stronger, more meaningful connections in our work. Let’s discover together how embracing rest can be a radical act of resistance and a cornerstone of effective social work.

1 Meet the Team – Courageous Connections: Nurturing Compassion in Our Community

In this inaugural episode of ARM-OUR, you’ll have the chance to meet the six powerful women who form the nucleus of our community.  Each of us bring a unique perspective, passion, and wealth of experience to our collective resistance. Focussing on one of the 4Cs that make up our values (Courage, Compassion, Connection and Community), we discuss our personal and professional journeys, reflecting on the role of self-awareness, intentionality, and supportive individuals in shaping our paths.