10b Change and progress

As our podcast, comes up to a year old, we look back on the last twelve months in social work.

We try and avoid thinking just about what’s different (change), and look for where things have got better (progress). We talk about practice, research, education and social work policy. There are positives, despite the difficult context, but a lot still to do.

9b Doing less with less

We unpick the idea that we can keep doing more with less, and look at how we can work sustainably and helpfully in social work with fewer resources. We consider social workers’ wellbeing and workload, accountability and prioritising, and how we can lobby for good social care.

5b Hotdesking

In this podcast we talk about how hotdesking can affect social work practice. We look at how we can ensure there are appropriate spaces for reflection, and appropriate peer and emotional support for social workers.

1a Integrity

The first part of our first podcast looks at the topic of integrity in social work, and explores what it means to be true to oneself, how we develop resilience and how we use our whole self in our practice.