5a Profession-wide support

We continue our series on sustainable social work by discussing the importance of wider support from the social work profession. We talk about how being part of a national and global community of social workers inspires us, encourages us and makes us think about what we stand for.

2a Empowering ourselves

The second podcast in our series on sustainable social work explores how we can empower ourselves as social workers. We look at the importance of taking control and influencing our working environment, and how we can ally with others in our profession to call for the support we need to be able to practise well.

1a Sustainable social work

In our first podcast of Series 8, we give an overview of how we look after ourselves, keep going and thrive in this vital work. We explore evidence of the pressures on social workers and consider a framework to help us maintain ourselves in this tricky context.

1b What does helpful social work mean to you?

In this podcast we talk to Paul Bridgewater about the experience of being a social worker in a range of communities, including on small islands. Paul talks about how a social worker can get to know a context and people, and build a relationship that offers a way to help someone make sense of their experiences and uphold their rights.